Learning to Trust

Could not have been put any better .#growth


Hello loves! How was your weekend? I got to attend the Wine Not Pop Up by MIA Wines at Pan Asian Yao on Saturday and had such a lovely time. It was an afternoon filled with food, flowing wine and lots of laughter. I am not much of a Sauvignon Blanc girl but I really enjoyed the Villiera. 🙂

I recently finished up on a project at work and as I look back to the beginning of the project, I really wasn’t sure it would turn out as I had hoped it would. I had done my best and quite frankly, didn’t have enough results to show for it- or so I thought.

I was worried and anxious that I wouldn’t see it through but won’t He do it? In the end, it turned out to be better than I had even expected. I was listening to Sarah Jakes…

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